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Atlanta Based Director of Photography

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Who is This Guy?

As the son of a catfish farmer, llama rancher and a parrot-head, a career in cinematography was never really a thought. Coming from a town of 600 people, it wasn’t exactly an option at career day either. It wasn’t until one fateful day when my college news station needed a last-minute camera operator, which I volunteered for, that it finally clicked. From that point, I knew what I’d be doing.

After quickly earning an Emmy award upon entering the field, I’ve been continuing on with a successful career ever since. Now I reside in Atlanta Georgia as a freelance director of photography and cinematographer.

  Throughout my years of experience, I’ve worked as an editor, producer, cinematographer and director on a variety of projects, often wearing multiple hats. This behind-the-lens versatility would over time merit me with a reputation as a quality narrative, lifestyle, commercial and documentary cinematographer as seen in my work on projects for PlayStation, Google and Home Depot.

Bring me just an idea, a slim budget or just sheer excitement and I’ll deliver you elegant, chic and effective visuals that you'll be proud to show your mom.

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Sony, Google, Toyota, Intel, Home Depot, Petco, PGA, PlayStation, MailChimp, Weight Watchers, Atlanta Falcons, Washington Dairy Farmers, Cricket Wireless, American Family Insurance, Capital One, FOX, ZAGG, and many more


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